how its made
how its made

Our drinks are all hand crafted in small batches in the heart of Dublin.

  • We start with preparing the our fresh herbs, spices and ingredients and add these to our small batch tanks with our live water kefir culture.
  • The natural sugars are gobbled up by the water kefir culture over the course of a week. This time also allows all the flavours to infuse through the drink.
  •  Finally just before bottling the drink, we add a small amount of Irish apple juice. The apple juice is there to provide some natural sugars for the drink to fizz up (or carbonate) naturally in the bottle  through the action of the water kefir. This is called bottle conditioning and takes a further two weeks.
  • All in all each bottle takes three weeks to produce.

You can read more on our ingredients here:

Stevia , our natural plant extracted sweetener

water kefir, our live healthy culture