We don’t artificially carbonate our drinks. With a measure of patience and given enough time, the water kefir does all the work for us using an age old technique called bottle conditioning.

We use amber/brown bottles, as we don’t use any preservatives or stabilisers in our drinks. The amber/brown glass helps protect our natural ingredients from potentially degrading UV light.

Lemongrass & Ginger

A refreshing ginger drink with a gentle fizz and less than 10 kcal per bottle.

The Turmeric is great for adding some colour and a hint of an earthy warmth to the taste.

Ingredients: Triple filtered water, apple juice, lemon juice, ginger juice(1.8%), lemongrass (0.3%), turmeric, sweetener (steviol glycosides), & water kefir.

Chilli & Ginger

A ginger drink with a kick, a gentle fizz and 10 kcal per bottle.

We use fresh  ginger root, and birds eye chilli to bring in some lingering heat!

Ingredients: Triple filtered water, apple juice, lemon juice, ginger juice(2%), lemon zest, birdeye chilli, spices, sea salt, sweetener (steviol glycosides) & water kefir.

Cucumber Mint & Thyme

A gentle refreshing drink with a delicate cucumber flavour with a spearmint aftertaste and a hint of thyme.

Ingredients:  Triple filtered water, honey, cucumber juice (2%), mint (0.1%), thyme (0.02%),  salt (trace), spices, sweetener (steviol glycosides) & water kefir culture.

An Irish Tonic

A refreshingly different, dry & herbaceous fermented tonic water.
Made using natural ingredients by infusing cinchona bark, with herbs and spices & has a light lavender nose. As with all our drinks it contains no added sugar. less than 4 kcal per bottle.
Triple filtered water, Honey, cinchona bark, lavender flower, star anise, fennel, allspice berries, cardamon, cloves, sea salt, sweetener (steviol glycosidies), water kefir.